What are other MOMS saying about Kate?

The Camacho Family

Before I met with Kate, I struggled with managing the meltdowns of my son, who has Autism.  This was especially problematic during our homeschool day.  I knew that I wanted homeschooling to be a peaceful experience where we could build our relationships rather than tear them down.  However, stress wreaked havoc daily, if not hourly.  Kate gave me strategies to make stronger family relationships a reality.  

Among the many things I’ve learned from Kate, the one that sticks out most actually had more to do with my own behavior as a parent than my son’s. I had not realized that I was panicking during these meltdowns, effectively preventing me from helping the situation. 

Until I met with Kate, I looked for ways to solve this problem as though it was solely an issue with Autism.  Now I realize, that first I must address how I was reacting to the situation subconsciously. It starts with me.

Since learning with Kate and employing the strategies in our home, we’ve had easier days with fewer, shorter meltdowns. Honestly, everything I’ve learned from Kate has helped me not only with my children but in all of my relationships!

Jill, Air Force wife (and veteran) and mom of three children

The Rigotti Family

Before I met with Kate, I struggled with not giving my children a way of escape and disciplining while still angry. It was exhausting and heartbreaking feeling like I was constantly disciplining and blaming them for my anger instead of dealing with my own sin.

Kate taught me how to give my children a way of escape and through the Bible and her wisdom showed me what that looks like. It was very freeing and I began to enjoy my children so much more and it made me deal with my own personal sin as well. I began to apologize to my kids when I disciplined them out of anger. I also began to praise them much more often when they were obeying and making good choices. It has been a big win for us as parents and for our children!

We have had two more children since learning these methods and true Biblical disciplining of our children. It has been so much more fruitful and enjoyable! We have seen our kids blossom and see how they react more positively to the discipline when done in love and patience.

Do we always do it right? No! I still allow my sin to get in the way, but the Holy Spirit convicts and reminds me gently of how He loves me and that in Him I can love my children well! Thank you so much Kate for all the teachings and support you have given me through the years. You are a gifted teacher and my cherished friend! I love you!

Koryn, wife and homeschooling Mom of four

The Anderson Family

I served in the Early Childhood area at Grace Point Church with Kate for almost three years and attended her training classes. During that time, she shared so much knowledge about my own children’s brain development and how I can connect with them, even during the difficult moments, that I don’t know how I parented before! I especially love how she presents not only the scientific side of childhood brain development but provides very practical advice and even specific things to say for those tough situations. She has helped me be a more empathetic parent and childcare volunteer!

Debbie, Air Force Wife & Mom of four children

The Fossile Family

Even before Kate founded her nonprofit organization, Connect Point Moms, to help parents and caregivers connect better with the children in their lives and to help them have a successful parenting journey, she came over to my home to observe how I interacted with my son (around 2 at the time). 

I was struggling with connecting with him on a day-to-day basis when my second son was born. It was amazing how a few concepts in that short amount of time helped immensely!

I recently took her Developmentally Appropriate Practices class. It gave me great insight with my boys’ developmental stages and ways in which I could interact with them that is beneficial and loving.  Her information is helpful, useful, specific, and timely!

Ashley, married mom of three boys







The Hall Family

I met Kate while I was an early education teacher with no children – Now I have three!  Kate helped me as an educator and most importantly as a parent. My parenting and teaching have been positively shaped by her and I am so grateful.

As an educator, I regularly attended Kate’s trainings. The information she shares in her classes is amazing. She teaches about brain development in children and appropriate ways to handle their strong emotions and behaviors. Kate is very knowledgeable about the brain and the reasons kids (and adults) act the way they do. This was so eye-opening to me that I began to think differently about why people, especially my kids, do what they do. Once she shared that with me, I utilized it in my classroom. When implementing the knowledge about brain development and the strategies that Kate provides, my teaching was more productive and my classroom management more effective. Her classes have made teaching a large group of children more manageable, enjoyable, and successful! Not only was I able to use the knowledge in a classroom setting but I am also able to utilize it at home with my own kids!

Throughout my parenting, I have struggled in a few areas. One of the toughest problems for me was when my child, who was 2 at the time, threw these crazy temper tantrums that seemed to last forever!  My daughter would be so upset, I would be so upset, and then after I would just cry because I felt awful and defeated. I went to Kate for help and she non-judgmentally gave me so many wonderful, helpful, doable ideas specific for my daughter. Kate explained to me what was happening in my daughter’s brain while these tantrums were occurring.

Kate gave me many useful things to say and do to alleviate the tension when my daughter became upset. I began to utilize the strategies with my daughter and the tantrums slowed in frequency and duration. I learned from Kate how to control MY emotions first, which ultimately helps my daughter manage hers.

As my kids grow, discipline has become an area in which I struggle and simply do not know what to do sometimes. I continue to go to Kate for help. She guides me on how I can improve my kids’ behavior that is developmentally appropriate.  Each time Kate helps me, she comes into our home and models exactly what I could be doing or saying without the kids even knowing. I get to see for myself strategies that are effective on my own kids. This allows me to implement those strategies quickly and see actual improvements in their behavior! 

The best part of working with Kate is that she guides me with the truth from the Bible.  My parenting has begun to match how God wants me to raise my children because of Kate.  She has also reminded me of God’s grace that I have while I parent my children. We all need grace in our parenting and we also need someone to support us and help us through the challenging times.

That’s exactly what Kate has done for me!

Today, I continue to utilize all of the knowledge, skills, and strategies that Kate has shared with me and I can honestly say I am a better parent because of it! If I have a struggle with my children in the future, she will definitely be the first person I reach out to! I know I will get the most loving and helpful advice and see results quickly!

Jocelyn, married mom of three