Kerri Soloman

Monday’s Mom this week is Kerri Soloman Kerri’s own mom, Gloria Waters, nominated her for these reasons: “Kerri is such a big help to the foster family community as she has fostered several children and even adopted three – Add that to the five she already had, they have a full house! She also does respite care for families that need a few days away. Kerri is navigating the virtual school situation with the SEVEN kids who are in school. It surely isn’t easy, but she feels blessed that she is home and able to monitor them and that they can afford better WiFi for all those laptops to work. AND, she is going to school herself to be a social worker! I am in awe of her as she manages to keep it all running smoothly (with help from her husband and older children) and only loses her mind a little. To say I am proud and blessed to be her mom is an understatement!”