Laura Lake

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Laura Lake! Laura is a wife and working mom of three athletic and kind-hearted boys ages 5 – 13. Her family travels for the boys’ sporting events like baseball and hockey, and just to share exciting experiences together! She and her husband also serve as Community Group Leaders and have […]

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Christina Esquibel

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Christina Esquibel! Christina is a wife and mom to three beautiful teen and adult daughters. She loves, cares, and feels deeply for each of them. Even though she battles with lupus she is always there for her own – and other’s – children! Christina also makes delicious and beautifully creative

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Laura Lynn Brandon

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Laura Brandon. Laura is a woman who trusts God, respects her husband, and leads their three boys in ways that honor her Savior! Laura is a military spouse who adapts to each move and change with grace and dignity. She cares deeply about the emotional welfare of her young children

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Andrea Clark

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Andrea Clark! Andrea is wife to Andrew and Mom to Jack and Tanner. She loves Jesus and plays a mean cello for her church’s worship Gatherings! Andrea is also a talented seamstress, marathon runner and a homeschooler. She has lovingly tutored children using the Classical Conversations curriculum and is now

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Margie Tapia

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Margie Tapia Solis! Margie is a wife to Luis and mom to 10 year old Sebastian (her “Peanut”). She has a fantastic sense of humor, is crazy talented and creative, and so very loving. Margie and I met over 20 years ago and I always knew she’d be a great

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Jessica Donovan

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Jessica Donovan! Jessica is a wife to John and mom of two little ones; 5 year old, Katherine and 3 year old, Jameson. Jessica also serves faithfully in the Early Childhood area of Grace Point Church, loving and leading other families’ 3 – 5 year olds! It is rare to

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Shalieah Godard

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Shalieah Godard!Shalieah is a married mom to a 13 year old daughter and a 6 year old son. She teaches them the love of Christ by modeling patience and gentleness in her own daily life. She also homeschool her children. This includes teaching her children a biblical worldview and pouring

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Kristi Dietz

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Kristi Dietz! Kristi is mom to almost four year old Aidyn and two-and-a-half year old, Kaleigh. Anyone who is around them for even a few moments will quickly feel the joy and love they both constantly exude! THAT is because their amazing mom Kristi, consciously and consistently pours both into

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Timberley Gray

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Timberley Gray! Timberley was nominated by her sister, Tamar, who writes: Timberley is a God-fearing, loving, caring, an encourager, generous, hardworking, priority driven wife and mother to two young adult children. She is constantly looking for ways to help those in need and enjoy’s serving others. It’s with great joy to

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Tanya Uriarte

This week’s Monday’s Mom is Tanya Uriarte! Tanya and her husband, Jonathan are raising two beautiful daughters to be caring, giving, and thoughtful. Tanya and her older daughter faithfully serve in the Nursery at Grace Point Church. We honestly call Tanya “the baby whisperer” as she has such a calm and loving presence with the

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