4 Steps to Apologizing

Here’s a specific format to ask for forgiveness when you’ve wronged someone. Apologizing is hard. Kids apologizing is harder. This can help.

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Christian Sibling Rivalry – Part 2

When you have sibling rivalry in your Christian home, you want a way to learn to do it differently from the world. This article is going to give you three more ways to have a harmonious home, following Christian values to stop sibling rivalry!

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Do Your Kids Lie?

When your kids lie you may feel frustrated and helpless as to how to help them just tell the truth already! One of our family

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5 Ways to Stop Sibling Rivalry – Part 1

If you have more than one child, you know about the types of rivalry and struggles that can exist. You probably even know that sibling rivalry between kids can be even more pronounced when they are close in age. But, did you know that the very word rivalry means competition?

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When YOU are Grieving

If grieving the loss a loved one to death, divorce, or separation find comfort, encouragement, and recovery through this inevitable situation.

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Your Words Matter

The words heard as a child became hardwired into your brain as your inner voice, which then you speak to your kids. Let’s learn to do it differently!

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